Wedding Videos


April and Magnus shared their spectacular wedding celebration in La Garde Freinet.

We really loved EVERYTHING about our wedding celebrations, and have had such fantastic comments and emails from all friends and family letting us know how much they loved it and how much they could feel the love
and enjoyment over the 4 days we had together. We are so glad you enjoyed yourself at the ceremony and the celebration afterwards. Thank you so much for your support and part of the event, it was WONDERFUL! WOW!

April and Magnus Lewin (Florida and Caribbean)


Willow and Steven came to St Tropez to celebrate their wedding.
Their video incorporates their Declarations of Love in a very touching way.

It was a pleasure to have you officiate our wedding yesterday, and we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. You did an amazing job and we appreciate how well you did to make our day flow so smoothly. Thanks again!

Willow and Steve Newell (Vancouver, Canada)


Gina and Don’s lavish celebration video includes the parties before and after the wedding,
together with parts of the ceremony.

Gina and I were so delighted to meet you and felt blessed that you performed our wedding. You not only officiated a beautiful ceremony. The preparation and discussions you conducted in advance ensured we thought deeply about the life we were embarking on together. You helped us to prepare the right way, and one year in we feel so great about the foundation you helped us to establish. While you live across the ocean from us, you are often in our thoughts. We sincerely, thank you for your kindness, love, and pray for your happiness and good health. We hope to see you again in the future and will be sure to reach out if we are in your area. Peace and love,

Don and Gina Dickinson (New York, New York)