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Religious, spiritual or simply based on love, your ceremony is personally designed to meet your aspirations and vision for your wedding and marriage in the future. Read more.

Baby Blessings and Naming Ceremonies

Baby blessings for infants up to one year old, and naming ceremonies for older children, to honour and welcome this new life joining your family, and starting life in this world. Read more.

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Anne NaylorYour life, as a gift and a blessing, is to be celebrated.

Whether you are planning a wedding, blessing the birth of a new family member or commemorating the passing of one dearly loved by you, the services I offer will more than fulfil your expectations for those important events.

I draw on a broad experience of bringing out the best in people to create blessings celebrations that are meaningful, memorable and just very special.

There are other sacred occasions – renewals of vows, significant birthdays and anniversaries – milestones and treasured turning points – college graduation, new ventures, relocation, retirement – which invite celebration.

The consultation, and time invested, to plan and prepare for your special event will ensure an exceptional result that will live long in the memories of those involved.

Each day can offer small miracles of perfect timing – sometimes not so small – a chance meeting, a phone call from long lost friend, a magical sunrise that takes your breath away. Notice – and celebrate them!

The challenges you meet during the course of your life serve to enrich you, beyond your wildest dreams, revealing blessings in disguise. The Blessings of the Day on this page, and in the Archive, offer you fresh hope and inspiration when you need it.

Celebrate your life! You will be glad that you did.

Blessing of the Day

Blessing of Divine Love

Infinite Spirit of Grace and Compassion,
may your guiding presence bless us now.
We ask for an awakening of acceptance
and understanding, empathy
and wisdom to bring peace within us,
to heal and restore us, to reconnect us to our joy
so we may once again fully celebrate the gift of our life.
For this and all of the many blessings we enjoy,
we are grateful and give our thanks.

Baruch Bashan – The Blessings Already Are


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