About Anne Naylor


Since 2006, Anne has been creating and officiating unique and personal Wedding Ceremonies for couples who come from all over the world to the South of France, and to other beautiful destinations. She works with people of many cultures and nationalities.

Weddings – A Personal Service

Based in Cannes in the South of France, Anne is well-known for her distinctive, personalised weddings. She specialises in designing and conducting ceremonies that fit the values, intention and aspirations of each couple for their wedding, and marriage into the future. Her aim is to create a celebration that is memorable, meaningful and honours this special day for the couple, and their guests.

Anne gives time, care and attention to get to know each couple well. Detailed preparations in advance enable both partners to feel relaxed, confident and free to fully enjoy every moment of their wedding day.

An Anne Naylor Wedding Ceremony is a delightful experience that touches hearts and minds, brings inspiration, insight and a feeling of renewal to all who are present.

From Anne

Performing a wedding ceremony is a great joy and pleasure for me. I love the weddings I officiate, and the couples I meet for them.

Witnessing two people who love each other, make the commitment to each other and their partnership, touches me deeply. The loving expressed re-awakens love in guests for their own loved ones. A wedding is a magical family occasion.

However, it takes more than romance to make a good marriage. Vows need to reflect daily priorities and values, how life challenges can be used to deepen love, the strengths and qualities expressed to enrich the marriage.

I love to listen to what makes each couple and their relationship unique, rewarding and fulfilling. My aim is to create an exclusive wedding ceremony that exceeds their expectations.

About Anne

Anne was ordained as a non denominational minister in 1981. Her ministry has included her Personal Consultation Service for people meeting life turning points and facilitating personal development programmes.

A creative writer, Anne is the author of three books published by Thorsons HarperCollins in London:

  • Superlife – The Seven Steps That Spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S
  • Superlove – The Guide to Happiness in Personal Relationships
  • SuperYou – Be The Best You Can Become

She is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post Weddings and Lifestyle pages with over 100 articles on archive.

Anne loves travel, and has travelled extensively. She meditates daily and enjoys time with family and good friends.

For more about Anne Naylor please visit: www.annenaylor.com